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Introduction: About Me
Life Coach

What makes me an expert on Mojo? I lived through it. There are a lot of things that can steal your Mojo…your magic… your sex appeal, desire, and confidence. When women in all stages of life lose their Mojo they start to feel hopeless, unappealing, and stuck in a rut. They lose their confidence, motivation, and energy. 

Most of the time, this loss of confidence is attributed to the glass ceiling effect.  You know...the invisible barrier placed over women which keeps them from tapping into their personal power and becoming their unstoppable self.

Research shows, that girls start to become impacted by the glass ceiling as early as eight or nine years old.  Teachers call on them less and reward them more for their people pleasing behaviors.  This is the beginning of impossible standards set for women.  They learn at an early age that being quiet and pleasing others defines their self worth more than speaking out and pleasing themselves. What a confidence killer!!

There are so many barriers that steals a women's mojo.  What is your glass ceiling? It could be anything from career, money, and relationships to health and the high standards of beauty. 

For me, my glass ceiling was my health.  Once I began to change my habits, shift my mindset and overcome my fears, my confidence naturally soared.  I started to prioritize myself.  

I found my Mojo! And, now I want to do the same for you.

I want to share with you my proven methods from my Confidence Queen Transformation Program so that in 90 days or less you will change your habits, celebrate your life, and be reunited with your Mojo! Transforming you to smash glass ceilings and becoming a confident badass is my absolute mission. I will work my ass off so you can feel sexy and sexual, have healthy relationships, a positive mindset, and be completely in love with yourself!! 

And in return you only have to give me 1%!!! Hit the "I Want to be a Confident Queen" button to start your journey.


Your Life, Reimagined

Image by Markus Spiske
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