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I work with all types of clientele including teenagers, especially young women.  It is my absolute life mission to help uplift young women, building their confidence and self-esteem, so they can overcome and conquer the world around them. Being a woman myself, and understanding how a lack of confidence can hold you back from achieving all of the desires and dreams we have set out for ourselves, it is important now more than ever to help women see their worth.   Preparing teens for the glass ceiling effect– (You know the glass ceiling. The invisible barrier that prevents women from advancing in life…from becoming their true self) –  and showing them how to smash that ceiling at a young age, helps build resilience and leadership skills for a brighter future. 

The glass ceiling effect can impact all aspects of your life, not just your confidence.  It impacts…

  • Anxiety

  • Self esteem

  • Relationships

  • Energy levels

  • Irritability/mood swings

  • Sadness

  • Sleep

The list goes on.  Although both young men and women may experience the glass ceiling effect, historically, women are impacted more often and more intensely. That's why transforming young women is my absolute mission in my life coaching work.

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My Teen Coaching Program was created for young women who are absolutely ready and fully committed to having a new relationship with their mindset.. Putting an end to the glass ceiling effect and getting everything that you desire in life before you even reach adulthood!

My teen program  was created for you to put systems around mind and body in place in 30, 60, and 90 days, which will eventually lead you to having an experience of peace and even JOY with your mindset creating new healthy habits that override negative self talk.

Consider what you’ll do with me to be a transformational experience where you’re consistently taking action. No more worrying that you’ll never find something that works for you; you’ll open up to a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: ending a war with the negative mindset and experiencing a total transformation.

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Excellent question.  The short answer is No… Life Coaching is very different and should not take the place of working with a therapist.  Life coaching can actually enhance your experience with your therapist when done together.  Here is a simple chart to refer to when looking at Life coaching vs. therapy:


  1. Focuses on mental health

  2. Emphasis on past experiences, trauma, depression, drug dependency, etc.

  3. Sessions focused on treatment

  4. Sessions are usually once a week

  5. Insurance covers sessions

  6. Therapist/patient relationship

  7. Seeks to remove pain from a clinical diagnosis

Life Coaching:

  1. Focuses on goals and skill building

  2. Emphasis on present and future experiences and looks at how to change old thinking patterns

  3. Sessions focused on structured mindset shifts, goal setting, and building confidence and self esteem

  4. Sessions are usually once a week, but accountability phone calls and texts can be included to ensure success

  5. Typically not covered by insurance

  6. Partner relationship

  7. Seeks to empower and encourages self-discovery

Teen Coaching Program: Services
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